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Dreaming of Africa #10

20 juli 2012

Godfrey Setti and his family, Lusaka, Zambia, late 1990’s

Godfrey’s garden in the dry season, Lusaka, Zambia

Godfrey’s garden in the dry season, Lusaka, Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Copyright Bertus Pieters

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  1. This morning I met someone I do know for almost four decades spending two, three months of a year in Asia. We use to meet every other year, mostly in a supermarket. I asked him about his thoughts according Burma/Myanmar. It occurred he had been there only in February, being the only foreigner taking the train from Mandalay to Rangun. Amongst many things he told that he met people he had photographed 25 years ago. “War schön.”
    Then the receptionist opened the door and called his name. Time to wish each other to get well soon.

    Will you see Godfrey Setti and his family again? I hope so. The cats will have grown a tiny bit older, though.


  2. Dear Sean,
    Godfrey Setti was my colleague/friend. He died om 23 March 2002 on the evening of a vernissage of his exhibition in Lusaka. So, no, i’m afraid i’ll never see hem again. The lady on the left is his second wife, who died a few years before him. The tall boy is his son Michael, who died a few years after his father, exactly on his 25th birthday. He drowned in the sea near Port Alfred, South Africa, during a swimming party.


  3. Ah, Bertus, the more a treasure this very first photo is, hm? A wonderful treasure, the longer I am thinking about. Sad and wonderful.
    There has been a friend taking a photo of them. And not did he forget about them. Thus – please forget for a second that I do tend to be sarcastic – they are still alive, in a way. Lucky folks who happen to meet such friends.


  4. Thanks Sean. I knew him since 1982, we both being the same age. I met him on an international artists workshop at the University of Zambia in Lusaka. Later on we’ve met in Zambia, South Africa, England and here in the Netherlands. After his second wife died i arranged a holiday for us in Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe, a beautiful place for great walks and easy hikes. As tourism was already dwindling in Zim by that time we had the park to our own. We talked a lot about life and about art. That is how Matobo has got a special meaning to me. I cherish the remembrance.


  5. See, my friend? Four photos. And (probably) no one (of this site’s visitors) feeling very impressed as not knowing/imagining the (hi-/story) behind.
    Thank you so much to allow me another glimpse into your life/past/thoughts,
    Did you ever come to know how life treated “the other five”?


  6. Well, I think it is enough for the common Villa visitor to understand from the pictures that there is something like remembrance in them. Also the other three pictures being quite atmospherical, with these shiny but dusty ochres.


  7. Nothing to add.
    The peace of the night, Bertus.


  8. Claude permalink

    This “common visitor” (before seeing the comments) went right to the cats’ photo, enlarging it and admiring again that cats (anywhere in the world) are so supple and relaxed that two could fit very well in a small basin. Then the visitor noticed the red earth and wondered what could grow in that garden. It looked so dry. And I knew the people were long ago friends. I loved their smiles, and the colourful dresses.

    Then going down, I saw the comments. I have a different belief than yours. Of course, it could be an illusion. So I will not discuss it. It’s enough for me to hope that I might be remembered one day in the same way you remember your friends. As Sean says, in a way. your memory is keeping them alive. Thank you for sharing Africa!


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