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Dreaming of Africa #16

18 juni 2013

zimbabwe 019

End of the dry season, middle of the day, Chiweshe, Zimbabwe, 1982. The dry acoustics were marvellous. I can still hear the bluesy sounds of Mbira music in the distance (that’s the ultimate dreaming).

zimbabwe 020

End of the dry season, middle of the day, Chiweshe, Zim, 1982.

zimbabwe 021

Yeah! She’s drinking Chibuku Shake Shake! Chiweshe, Zim, 1982

zimbabwe 022

Gerald Takawira (1963 – 2004), son of the great sculptor John Takawira (1938 – 1989), drinking Chibuku Shake Shake. Chiweshe, Zim, 1982.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Copyright Bertus Pieters 2013

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