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Dreaming of Africa #23

16 augustus 2015

zambia 033Worstboom (Sausage tree, Kigelia, ), tussen Monze en Mazabuka, Zambia.

zambia 034Vrucht van de worstboom.

zambia 035Baobabs ( ) bij Ingombe Ilede (, Siavonga, Zambia.

zambia 036Baobabs in de buurt van de zelfde plek.

(Klik op de plaatjes voor een vergroting)

4 reacties
  1. As always, a pleasure for my eyes, Bertus.


    • Sean! Long time no see! Everything allright?


      • Time’s flying, eh, my friend?
        Well, to claim everything’s alright would be exaggerating. Still, when looking around in the world, I have not many good reasons to complain.
        I notice(d), you are posting more often, again. Does this mean you reached your aim?

        Oh, and: Do you still have the same e-mail address?
        If so, I might not wait with writing until the next Ides of March.


      • Yes, time is flying. Reached my aim? Well, no, i didn’t. But at least, i think i reached something. And yes, i still have the same e-mail address. You can even find it in the “about” section of this web log.


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